“I realised late January it was time to do something about my weight increase- I just felt uncomfortable-things had got out of hand. My experiences with some dieting is that you can often feel completely exhausted, irritable and unable to function- not this one! I started in early February and realised my work diary meant long hours and lots of travelling so felt slightly apprehensive.

I followed the script (not difficult), used the supplements and felt great I promise you. I lost 18lbs in the 21 days. Best of all the weight is not coming back on and whilst I still like to enjoy my food, I have made some changes and know the weight won’t come back on and I can still enjoy myself! Thanks John- this programme is highly recommended.”
Mark Palmer

“Well John I sit here over a stone lighter , feeling fab , skin better than it has been for many years ! Going to have a week off then go again. Main thing is I have totally rethought my diet and am now feeling much more confident about healthy eating . Thanks so much. XX”  Ann kelly

“Finished stabilisation stage and have lost 19lbs & 10in in total , just in time for my birthday celebrations tomorrow!! Won’t be going mad but will be nice to have a few treats !
Very happy – thanks John Daly for introducing me to the plan and providing support! I’ve not been this light for over 25yrs!!”
Sue Balcomb

I lost 21lb & then couldn’t seem to loose anymore. So have started the next phase. Have a few end of term meals & a wedding & then a holiday so thought I would b better doing it again after the holiday. Still really really pleased with what I have lost & feel so much better
yes this is still an excellent result,most gals lose 14-18 lb so you are the best.Try to keep to the stabilisation phase as much as poss and the weight loss will continue.Redoing the course again,allow 6-8 weeks as the body becomes used to the drops.After this time you should have a much greater effect.I have a friend Noel on the second phase and he is doing really well.(He also went on holiday and went mental on the big drinks,put on 8lb and promptly lost it again when he came home!)
Miss R.C

“Sue and I are on Day 23 now, so no accelerator yesterday and today. I have lost 14lbs and Sue O has lost 23lbs. We have always felt full, had fabulous food (all down to Sue O) and really happy with how it has gone on.

For those losing less don’t worry we had a lot to lose in the first place, and everybody is individually tuned. My friend has been going to slimming world for 9 months and has lost 12lb. Last week she tried really hard and lost half a pound. It would kill me to be constantly worrying what I was eating week after week. So I consider us really fortunate to have lost weight, without thinking about it all …forever.”
Sue Tonks.

“John said I would lose between 20-30 pounds in my 3 weeks on his programme. Sure enough, I lost 28 pounds (2 stone). I wasn’t hungry between meals and most of the time I enjoyed the meals I made for myself. It was tough, but certainly doable. I’m likely to do it again at some time before.”
Mark Tomlinson

“Well just finished the 21 days Diet phase. The last weigh-in confirmed a 2 stone, 28-pound drop. 17 6 to 15 6. Thanks to John Daly for his support. Next challenge is trying to ensure a good maintenance through Stabilisation”
Noel Fitzgerald

“Just finished my reset diet. Had to add on 3 days for being naughty!
So in the 4 weeks I’ve done this, I have lost 33lb!!!! A massive thank you to John Daly for his influence and help.”
Mark Tomlinson

“Can’t believe how well this programme has worked for me! Really could not have done it without my amazing mentor! Sandra, you have been my rock! I have lost 18lbs and feel like a new person! Thank you! Stabilising for the next two days to set me up for the future!” J x
Juliet Kehoe