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December 8, 2016 Howard Vale
cropped-belly-2473_1920-121 Day Weight Loss Program: The Metabolic Reset

21 Days Weight Loss: How To Banish Abnormal Fat, Re-sculpt Your Body And Rebalance Your Metabolism

Does it hurt?
No. It is not onerous, of course, there are do’s and don’ts but you eat normal food with restrictions on amounts. The supplements and the shake (not essential but highly recommended) mean that you are very seldom if ever, hungry. belly-2354_1920
Does it involve exercise?
No. It is a planned eating programme. However the weight loss can be significant so I would recommend some level of toning exercises for your new body.

How big a weight loss?
Always hard to say but usually 16-18lb for women and 20-30lb for men during the 21 days.
Do I have to commit to an ongoing programme in order to maintain the weight loss?
No. We recommend that you continue using some of the products eg Everyday wellbeing gold or everyday wellbeing as they maintain so much of the body and mind functions.

Is it really only 21 days?
Yes…..actually 23 but the first two days you go into carbohydrate overdrive the actual programme is 21 days.

When I start losing the weight can I continue on the programme?
Yes, some people stay on it for 42 days. We would advise that you cease at this point and have a break.(Usually about 8-12 weeks, to give the body the chance to adapt to its new metabolic rate. Continue with the wellbeing products though).)

I have diabetes; does this prevent me from using the programme?
ALWAYS check with your doctor first, however, we have some very good testimonials from grade 2 diabetics. All the products are non-pharmaceutical and we only use the best health products.

I have a heart condition can I use the programme?
Again, always check with your doctor. You will have significant weight loss which may be beneficial, depending upon the nature of the disease.

I have an underactive thyroid,does this exclude me?
No, we have excellent results for sufferers of this condition ,because of the nature of the complaint,you just need a bit more time (I would suggest 30 days instead of 21 and see how you get on.)

I am in training, will my muscle suffer?
No, we have lots of testimonials to this effect the primary weight loss is fat. There is no discernible muscle depreciation. We would, in addition, recommend our x-cell product which is getting good reviews.

Do I get any support during the programme?
Absolutely. Not only that we do the following:
• Offer a free hypnotherapy tape to aid the weight loss.
• Send you an initial diet plan and talk you through it
• Make sure you are ready to go and have everything you need
• Follow up after the first week to see how you are getting on and deal with any issues

Can I talk to anyone?
Again, absolutely. One of our keystone philosophies is that you are never on your own. You can always ring your sponsor or head office for advice, furthermore, and really importantly, once you commit to the programme we invite you to join our closed facebook forums which have any number of people online offering advice, menus and above all support. We absolutely want you to succeed with the programme and are here to help whenever you need us.

Can I join the business?

Of course. Once you start the programme people will notice the change, it’s a simple matter to set up a referral system from that point, See Here

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