Free Radicals Free Radicals

February 19, 2019 John Daly No comments exist

A brief biology lesson!

⦁    The human body is composed of many different types of cells
⦁    Cells are composed of many different types of molecules
⦁    Molecules consist of one or more atoms
⦁    Atoms consist of a nucleus, neutrons, protons and electrons
⦁    Electrons are always in equal numbers inside the atom
⦁    In the human body 2 atoms will bind together for strength
⦁    Sometimes they split, usually equally, however sometimes they don’t, meaning uneven electrons inside the atom
⦁    Uneven electrons inside an atom causes a Free Radical!

Free radicals then start attacking and stealing other electrons to regain strength, and so the process starts! One free radical gets hold of another electron leaving that Atom uneven and then that one goes out on the attack too!!

Free radicals are caused by a number of things: outside of the human body; pollution, radiation and smoking to name a few but our body also produces free radicals through natural physiological processes i.e. stress, immune system being low, metabolism (the chemical reaction involved to maintain the living state in cells).  Cells purposefully create them to neutralise what is going on in the body.

Normally, the body can handle free radicals, but if antioxidants are unavailable, or if the free-radical production becomes excessive, damage can occur. Of particular importance is that free radical damage accumulates with age.

Antioxidants which contain “real” OPC’s protect your cells against free radical attack along with supporting the collagen structure of all the organs in your Body.

Proanthenols contain real antioxidant protection based up on 50 years of research by Dr. Jack Masquelier and Berkem Laboratories in Southern France.  The main ingredient, “Real OPCs™,” extracted from grape seeds and pine bark, provides superior antioxidant protection that is 50 times more powerful than vitamin E and 20 times more powerful than vitamin C. And, Proanthenols help all other antioxidants (including vitamins C and E) work better!

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