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The products I’ve used within the 21 Day reset programme have been so beneficial not only making me feel well and energised (more…)


Whilst taking these nutrient rich products my skin improved within weeks ridding me of hormonal acne at the same time I began to use the programmes ‘Balancing Facial Moisturiser’ which looks, smells and feels like some high-end brands which I’m familiar with, after years of working in the beauty industry for a high-end cosmetics and skin care house. (more…)

A brief biology lesson!

⦁    The human body is composed of many different types of cells
⦁    Cells are composed of many different types of molecules
⦁    Molecules consist of one or more atoms (more…)

Self-Esteem Starts At An Early Age

Philip Larkin once memorably said ‘they mess you up, your mum and dad ‘or words to that effect. (There may be children reading this or mums or somebody with a low pain threshold.) I think what he meant was that your mum and dad, or for that matter, anyone that you look up to and respect, either through fear or through coincident really matter, can reinforce the habit of low self-esteem by the simple expedient of not