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March 23, 2019 John Daly No comments exist


Now that I’ve addresed my weight and skin issues. I find myself ready to tackle my hair. Which may I add has also imroved dramatically by looking healthier and shinier on the proanthanols and tvms. But as a woman of a certain age with a drying scalp exacerbated by dyeing (I know we shouldn’t but we do.) I’m finding that products I’ve been using are not as wholesome and very drying leaving me with frazzled and dull hair, split ends with itchy scalp and the dreaded snow (I wear black, not a good look.)  

I have recently moved onto the programmes Shampoo and Conditioner the ‘Botanicals’ giving them a trial run. Affter using many and varied products over the years, searching for that one brand that can do it all without having to spend a small fortune…I think I’ve found it…! Suits all hair types and another product that lasts as only needing minimal amounts due to its high quality. On first use my hair felt stiff the product not moving through my hair easily (possibly because its not loaded with products to make it soap up), my scalp itched and flake, felt so dry still but 2nd and 3rd use is now beginning to lubricate nicely through the hair feeling clean and strong.

When you start using the products I would recommend allowing a little bit of time to get the full benefit. I found I needed to give the product a chance to effect change.  Now the build up of toxins have dissipated leaving me with my fresh natural hair, the texture improving on each wash  leaving me more confident and enjoying my hair again beginning to style it again confident its stronger and more resiliant than ever. Leaving me clean fresh and smelling delicious with the numerous essential oils such as: lavender, rosemary , tea tree, peppermint as well as other beneficial ingrediants such as willow bark, cucumber, sage, white tea extract and many more. The product feels and smells wonderfully natural and so clean.

I’m continuing with the products and looking to order the Shower Gel to compliment them.

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